Friday Find: Misfit Shine

Despite my training in statistics, I'm someone who likes data, but not too much data. Subsequently, I'm loving my Misfit Shine activity and sleep tracker (which I unexpectedly won at Mom 2.0!). It's minimalist in design (countless friends have noticed it on my wrist and asked me about it), operation (it measures distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep), and setup (just pop in the battery, download the app, lay the Shine on your phone to sync, and done). No daily data entry; no need to charge it up.

Best of all? The Shine has modified my behavior. I definitely operate well with a carrot in front of me and using the Shine has inspired me to get to bed earlier and be more active so I can hit my 100% activity and sleep goals each day. Particularly on days when I don't run first thing in the morning (which always ensures I reach the 100% activity level), seeing my activity level on the Shine frequently has inspired me to walk instead of drive whenever possible so I can reach (or at least get close to!) 100%. So awesome.

I have the classic Misfit Shine sport band (in coral; shown below), but you can also get it as a simple necklace or fancier bloom necklace. I highly recommend this tracker if you're like me and want to gain awareness about your health habits (and work to improve them), without getting mired down in a lot of data entry!

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Image credits: Amazon