Friday Find: Chair Reupholstery Tutorial

So, as crafty as I am, one area that has intimidated me is DIY decor and furniture. But my friend Paige (who has issued her interior design brilliance on our home...let me know if you want her contact info, she is AMAZING) gave me the push I needed. After prowling around Pinterest, I decided to try this chair reupholstery tutorial by Live Love DIY and I am simply over the moon about the results!

Some quick notes:

  • There are lots of chair DIYs on Pinterest but this was one of the simplest I could find in terms of steps (to further simplify, I skipped the decorative nailheads and also didn’t sand between coats).
  • Paige found this pair of chairs on Craigslist for $40 (amazing!).
  • Laurel and Violet actually helped me sand and prime the chairs (I used a paint-on primer since we already had it kicking around).
  • I painted the chairs glossy white and they definitely needed more than two coats, though this may have been due to my inexperience with knowing how thick to coat at the start.
  • I ordered outdoor fabric (Thomas Paul thicket melon) since these chair cushions need to be Violet-proof!

With this project under my belt, I totally have the decor DIY bug and am trying to decide on my next project! I wanted to share this tutorial in case you've had similar reservations about trying projects like this. It probably would have cost us between $600-$1000 to get a pair of host chairs and this project cost well under $100!

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Image credits: Christine Koh

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