From Dirty to Clean Water: #7BillionLiters

So, I've never been as excited about staring down a jug of dirty water as I was this morning! To help spread the word about the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program -- an effort that has turned billions (yes, billions) of liters of dirty water into safe drinking water for kids around the world -- I shot the below demo video about their water purification technique, which is something I could actually do at home with said jug of dirty water! Check it out and learn more about how YOU can help (in, like, 2 seconds!):

Isn't that incredible? Now, here's where you come in. Each time you use the hashtag #7BillionLiters on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram between now and April 22, P&G will donate a liter of clean drinking water (up to 1 million liters) to people in need around the world. Awesome, right? It’s so easy for you to help! Go on and use the #7BillionLiters hashtag!

Disclosure: P&G compensated me to shoot this demo video; my opinions on the awesomeness of this initiative are, of course, my own.