Insanely Tasty Gluten-Free Treats

glutenus-minimus.JPGWrestling with the mysteries of Violet's allergies has helped me develop a whole new level of appreciation for label reading and anyone dealing with food restrictions in general. I was surprised when Violet tested negative for celiac at her two-year well-visit and while we're slowly testing food options for her, we're still largely operating gluten-free (especially when it comes to anything she might eat in considerable quantity, e.g., pasta). A visit from my sister Jenn last week (thanks, Jenn!) reminded me that I wanted to share a great gluten-free find with you.

I have yet to step foot into Glutenus Minimus in Belmont, but I have tried a variety of offerings via the thoughtfulness of Jenn (who has brought us treats on a couple of occasions) and also my sister Kyoung (who typically brings gluten-free treats to family parties since her partner is gluten-free). After much baking experimentation on my own, and much sampling of various mixes and gluten-free options at different bakeries, I will plainly say that often times the gluten-free stuff just doesn't taste like the regular stuff. My chief complaint is usually that the texture of baked products is dry or weirdly grainy. Vi often seems to know the difference too.

Happily, Glutenus Minimus offers some really wonderful offerings that taste like the real thing. Particularly moist and delicious are their carrot cake and pumpkin muffins (both also are dairy free). And their doughnut muffins and peanut butter chocolate cookies and insanely good.

So if you're looking for gluten-free treats, pop in to Glutenus Minimus (or if you're not local, you can order some of their products online). The menu is expansively awesome but please, whatever you do, don't leave without trying a doughnut muffin or peanut butter chocolate cookie.

Glutenus Minimus, 697 Belmont Street, Belmont

Image credit: Glutenus Minimus