Two Happy Welcomes!

laptop-coffee.jpgFriends, I am so grateful for the enthusiastic response to my help wanted call last month. I was blown away by the volume of smart, accomplished, totally awesome people who applied. I wish I could work with you all! However, the reality is that I'm still shoestringing it indie style here at Boston Mamas and I could only make two hires. And now that the paperwork has been signed and I have responded personally to everyone who applied I wanted to share two happy welcomes with you:

Kris-Ann is my new editorial assistant. She is a wonderfully detail oriented and creative person who has already been helping behind the scenes to make the Weekly Blueprint and Weekend Roundup even more awesome and comprehensive, and she'll soon help me execute other editorial awesomeness. Stay tuned for more on the editorial awesomeness! You can learn more about Kris-Ann here.

Nora has joined the team as my ad sales manager. I cannot tell you how excited I am about Nora because: 1) on a day to day basis, it's proven very challenging for me to keep up with inbound ad-related emails, never mind reaching out to companies regarding creative partnerships; and 2) Nora is just way more savvy than I am in this domain given her professional background. You can learn more about Nora here.

Welcome, Kris-Ann and Nora -- I am thrilled to have you on board! And thank you so much to everyone who applied to work with me. You are 200% awesome and I hope our paths will cross soon otherwise!

Image credit: 1); 2 & 3 via Kris-Ann and Nora