How to Make Your Own Bird Feeder

If ever there is a time to pick-up bird watching, it's now (today's downpour aside!). With the ground frozen and covered in snow, birds are hungry. And with landscape rather stark, it's easy to spot and identify common backyard birds. Make the experience even more fun and hands-on with a do-it-yourself bird feeder. Here's how:

1. Find a clean, open pine cone

This is a perfect activity for the kids! Send them out to find as many as they can!

2. Grab peanut butter and a knife

Spread peanut butter of the entire cone.

3. Add the seed

Roll the cone in bird seed (black-oil sunflower seed often works best). Add nuts and dried fruit for a high energy snack.

4. Add the hang tie

Tie string or twine around the stem end of the pine cone.

5. Hang it up!

Hang outside near a window and watch the birds enjoy a winter snack.

Learn more about birds and nature in general at an upcoming family program at a Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary near you.

Featured photo via Pixabay