6 Cute Unisex Pajamas for Kids

Today, contributing writer Lindsey (also of A Design So Vast) shares a roundup of cute unisex pajamas:

I love pajamas. Few things are more adorable than a pajama-clad kid, whether it's a chunky toddler or a lean 9-year-old. Now that it's cooler again, my children are back to happily pulling on their PJs after bath. And given that I have an older daughter and younger son, I'm always looking for unisex pajamas, so that they can be easily handed down. Here are six of our favorites:

1. Mini Boden pajamas are made of super-soft cotton and feature adorable patterns, including lots of stripes, which I love. The outer space or sea animal patterns would work for boys and girls; I plan on gifting the outer space PJs (my son's favorite) this Christimas with a copy of my favorite picture book, Space Boy.

2. Crewcuts pajamas are my son's absolute favorite because their cotton is both soft and thin. There are more stripes to be had here, as well as these constellation pajamas that both my son and daughter have and love.

3. Hanna Andersson is famous for soft cotton, and their pajamas are no exception. These come in either two-piece long john styles or one pieces that zip up the front. Striped pajamas are an easy style to suit both boys and girls but there are many other patterns too, from various holidays to Star Wars. 

4. Garnet Hill offers soft, comfortable option with great patterns. These lean towards slightly more feminine patterns, but there are options that would work for both boys and girls (such as these candy pajamas). My children had matching Garnet Hill pajamas in a peace sign print that is not currently in stock but that reappears from time to time.

5. For a couple of years Grace and Whit wore these matching red-and-white pajamas (from Chasing Fireflies) with their names on the front on Christmas morning.  These are not inexpensive but they are comfortable and sure make for adorable pictures. Chasing Fireflies also makes great short-pajama options for the Fourth of July.

6. Old Navy's patterns are a bit more traditionally gendered, but the stripes would definitely work equally well for girls and boys, as would this pair for boys and girls who dig music.  

Do you have other favorite places to pick up unisex pajamas? Feel free to share your finds in the comments below!

Image credits: product shots via links above; compilation graphic by Christine Koh