Space Boy

space-boy.jpgToday, Lindsey shares a book that her kids clamor for repeatedly:

One of my very favorite books to read with my children is Space Boy. I knew I loved this book, but I learned that they loved it also when my son chose it, without hesitation, as the book he wanted me to read in his Beginners classroom when I was the parent reader. My daughter, now eight, has loved this book also and still does.
Space Boy is a charming story of a boy's adventures before sleep. Before bed, Nicholas escapes the noise of his family's house by putting on his space suit, walking out into his back yard, and climbing into his rocket. He flies his rocket to the moon, walks around, enjoys a picnic, and then heads home.

Even as he explores the moon, Nicholas's thoughts drift to his family, far below on the green and blue ball of the earth. The surface of the moon reminds him of the beach, and he thinks about helping his baby sister take her first steps in the sand. Nicholas remembers sitting on his front porch, observing the moon -- the very moon he now stands on -- in the sky. The universe feels welcoming, benevolent, and not at all scary.

When Nicholas touches down in his back yard, he walks back into his house, whose noises are all those of quiet and nighttime. He feels affection as he sees his baby sister and his dog sleeping, and as he overhears the quiet murmuring of his parents talking to each other. Calmly, happily, he goes to bed.

Space Boy is a simple but adventurous tale that speaks to children of all ages. Additionally, its illustrations are beautiful -- simple and classic, bright and colorful. This book is a pleasure to read and both of my children clamor for it over and over again.