The Lonely Book

the-lonely-book.jpgToday, Kate shares a favorite book:

I've always shared my love of libraries with my daughter. When she was still a tiny bundle, I would push her stroller up the hill to our local branch library, both to give us an outing and to reorient me to the world of books I hoped to someday return to after we were past the newborn months (I did, and surprisingly quickly). Now that she is in 1st grade, we often stop at our neighborhood library on our way home in the evenings, and I am pleased to see that my daughter takes pride in her library card and her increasing ability to pick out and read her own books.
A recent find -- a wonderful new picture book called The Lonely Book by Kate Bernheimer -- perfectly captures not only the norms and rhythms of a library but also the joy of discovering a book that opens up a new world of images and ideas. The Lonely Book tells the story of a once-popular book that falls into disrepair and disuse, only to be rescued by a little girl for whom the tattered book becomes a beloved treasure. Sharing a message that libraries and books are to be valued and enjoyed, The Lonely Book is an evocative and sweet story. Share it with your little library-lover.