Spy Alley

spy-alley.jpgToday, Lindsey (also of A Design So Vast) recommends a favorite family board game:

My family loves to play board games. I haven't had too much luck finding any beyond the old classics -- Sorry, Connect Four, Monopoly -- that everybody really gets into, but that changed when my daughter was given Spy Alley for her ninth birthday. Spy Alley is "a game of suspense and intrigue" and we have found ourselves playing it over and over again. Each player has a secret spy identity, and the goal is to complete your mission by obtaining code books, disguises, keys, and passwords while also hiding who you are from the other players. To do this you have to purchase the books, disguises, keys, and passwords of other spies, hoping to confuse your competitors as to your real identity.
At any time, a player can guess the identity of another, though doing so entails the risk of being eliminated from the game. The game is high-stakes and fun, and my children always enjoy thinking about the nuances of a spy's identity. The box says the game is for ages 8 to adult, but my 6 year old son has successfully played with us as well. Games take about 45 minutes, and anywhere from 2 to 6 players can play. It really is notable that none of us is bored of Spy Alley, even though we've been playing it for a month or more. I highly recommend it!