Shall We Dance?

disco-ball.jpgToday, Jennifer (also of Hey Girl Momma Go) shares some local spots to get your groove on:

This week's warmer temperatures aside, we've had some really cold days. The winter blues are lurking in the corners of our house for sure, but thanks to my 6 1/2 year old daughter's new microphone and my husband's old amp, we are doing a lot of rockin' out these days. We dance, we sing, we whip our hair around, we even have a disco ball. So it got me thinking about cool options for dance classes. Things have certainly evolved from the traditional ballet, tap, and jazz of my youth. Here are a few local options to help kids and adults stave off the winter doldrums.
1. I've heard some serious buzz about House of Dance in Sudbury. This uber cool and funky studio offers the best of both worlds -- fun classes for moms and kids. For mom, they offer heart pumping classes such as cardio hip hop, hip hop yoga (now this I will need to see for myself), and Zumba. They have easy pricing for the busy moms too -- 10-pack pricing or a drop-in per class rate. Kids' classes include everything from jazz/funk to break dancing to modern/contemporary.

2. DanceFit Studio in Brookline offers a whole spectrum of cool stuff. For moms they offer BalletFit and Cardio KickFit and even Bollywood workshops (how fun is that?) and for brand new mommas, DanceFit babies -- a workout class specifically designed so that moms can bring baby along for the ride. That sounds way more fun and much less lonely than walks with the stroller around the neighborhood!

3. In Cambridge, check out Dance Complex. It has a totally fun roster of classes including Kids Flamenco, Duncan Dance -- this class is said to "emphasize the relationship to each other and nature, respect, honor and grace. There is a focus on solitude and affiliation balanced through choreographic etudes and classical music." There's also a kid's Hip Hop Empowerment and an African dance class for parents and kids on Friday night.

Do you have other spots that you and/or your kids love getting their groove on? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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