More Chicken Pie, Please

harrows-chicken-pies.jpgTruly, one of the best postpartum gifts imaginable is the gift of food. And on Thursday, when it was cold and rainy out, my friend Jen kindly brought over a Harrows chicken pie (+ rolls) that totally hit the spot. Impressively loaded with white meat, carrots, and potatoes (no mystery fillers of the frozen pot pies of my youth here...), all I needed to do was pop the pie in the oven (I recommend placing the pie on a rimmed baking sheet to catch drips) and within an hour the house smelled fantastic and Jon, Laurel, and I were happily indulging in a wonderfully warm and comforting dinner.
As a tech geek, I think it's pretty awesome that Harrows secured as their domain name. Jon and I wondered about the viability of working the narrow market of chicken pies, but Harrows clearly knows what they're doing. They've been making these pies for over 75 years and we're eager to go get another one. Also of note: the evening we enjoyed our pie, Jon was feeling under the weather, and the next day he felt completely recovered. He was pretty convinced the chicken pie helped him beat back the cold. (It's one data point, but still...)

Harrows has take out locations (where you can get fresh chicken pies, rolls, sides, and desserts) in Reading, Saugus, and Medford. Otherwise, you can pick up their frozen pies at a variety of grocery stores.