Four Baby's First Year Myth-Busters

todays-moms.jpgI first met Alicia Ybarbo at Blissdom last year and she is such a lovely, smart, and dynamic woman -- every time I've seen Alicia since Blissdom, I just feel happy. Alicia is a producer at NBC's TODAY Show and is co-author of Today's Moms: Essentials for Surviving Baby's First Year. So for today's four favorites guest post, I asked Alicia to share her top four myth-busters about baby's first year. (I figured I could use the reminders, given that it's been six years since I've done the newborn thing!)

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From Alicia:

When my co-worker, Mary Ann Zoellner, and I first started writing Today's Moms: Essentials for Surviving Baby's First Year, we had no idea the amount of information we were going to uncover and learn about parenting. Along with facts and figures, there are so many misconceptions about what parenting is supposed to entail. As my good friend, Christine Koh, has become a parent for the second time, I thought I'd highlight some parenting myths we covered in Today's Moms that have haunted moms for years. But keep in mind, they're only misconceptions. Parenting is what you make of it.

Congratulations Christine, on bambino #2!

MYTH #1: All the moms I see leisurely strolling their babies are so much happier and better rested than I am.

BUSTER: They just fake it better than you do.

MYTH #2: You'll never have time for yourself again.

BUSTER: Not as easily or as cheaply as before, but you can. Hiring a babysitter for even a few hours a week can be a lifesaver.

MYTH #3: Sex? Yuck. Who would ever want that again?

BUSTER: You will...sooner or later.

MYTH #4: You always said you'd be cooler than your own mom.

BUSTER: She might not have been so uncool after all.

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I'm thrilled that I've already hired a babysitter so I can bust myth #2! For more wise words from Alicia and Mary Ann, pick up a copy of Today's Moms and check out the Today's Moms website. You can also follow Today's Moms and Alicia Ybarbo on Twitter at @todaysmoms and @aliciaybarbo.