Boston Sparkling Clean

boston-sparkling-clean.jpgI know I've been lucky to have such a wonderfully smooth pregnancy, carrying on per usual with everything in life. However, some typically onerous chores have take on even more onerous dimensions -- such as house cleaning. I'm good at cleaning when I get to it, but it's just not among my favorite things to do, particularly when super pregnant. Subsequently, a few weeks ago I called some eco-friendly cleaners to book a one-time pre-baby cleaning, but I either received no response or was told that there was no immediate availability or that one-time cleanings were not possible. So last week, when a Boston Sparkling Clean deal rolled through my e-mail via Buy With Me, I immediately bought a voucher (well, after doing due diligence by looking at their website and finding some positive Yelp reviews online).
And oh my word, did they deliver. Boston Sparkling Clean is a family-owned local business that does home or office cleanings, and they will do one-time or regularly scheduled cleanings. The promotional voucher was for two hours (two cleaners, up to 2,000 square feet) for $75 instead of $150, with a $40 per hour add on fee if you needed time above the two hours.

Here's why I was thrilled with Boston Sparkling Clean and highly recommend booking them:

1. After my earlier failed attempt to book a cleaner, I wasn't holding out hope that I could book an appointment before the baby arrived. But Boston Sparkling Clean booked me within a week of contacting them.

2. They bring the cleaning tools (vacuum, mops, etc.) but will use your cleaning supplies -- which was perfect for us since we only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies in our home.

3. The two women who came to do the cleaning did a phenomenal job. Admittedly, our house was in pretty sorry shape to begin with (we definitely needed the extra hour, and we told them not to even bother with the loft), but literally, all the surfaces on our first two floors are now sparkling clean. Especially awesome? Our rugs are pristine. (We have wall to wall carpeting in two bedrooms + two area rugs downstairs -- which is cozy yet problematic given that vacuuming is the bane of my existence.)

4. They tended to little details without us asking. In my mind, I was just happy to get the bathrooms and kitchen scrubbed and the rugs vacuumed. But they dusted everything, cleaned areas that I didn't even realize really needed cleaning (but love now having clean), obliterated even the most resistant dust bunnies hiding in my office, and even arranged all of Laurel's stuffed animals on top of and under her loft bed (and believe me, there are a lot of them). Laurel freaked out when she saw her room ("I can't believe how much I love my room!") and said she's now inspired to keep her room neat -- sweet! (And she's not the only one -- I've been obsessively putting things back in their places and keeping up with the dishes since Boston Sparkling Clean departed yesterday afternoon.)

I originally figured this would be a one-time booking -- a little pre-baby gift to myself -- but after the fantastic job that Boston Sparkling Clean did, Jon and I are planning on booking them monthly. We received a ballpark estimate of around $95-120 for regular cleanings -- a monthly expense that seems well worth it if it means more time to snuggle my kiddos and less time feeling guilty about, or grossed out by, the state of my shower.