Worldly Wedding Paper Dolls

world-bride-paper-dolls.jpgLaurel definitely has the design bug, and when she recently became obsessed with and started sketching wedding dresses, part of me couldn't believe she'll be one of those girls who will be able to say, "I dreamed about my wedding dress since I was six years old!" and part of me was stunned by the creativity, color, and detail she includes in her designs. Even so, Laurel knows that white is the norm, and given that she has has asked me if it's OK that her dresses are super colorful, I was thrilled to find this Brides from Around the World Paper Dolls book while shopping around for a few "from baby sister" gifts.
Including four paper doll models and 28 bridal outfits from around the world (including Korea, yay!), the illustrations are colorful and artfully detailed and the booklet includes descriptions about each country's wedding apparel and ceremonies. The only negative is that the paper dolls and dresses are not perforated, so good cutting skills by the child or help from a grownup will be required. But for $6.95, the visuals, historical lessons, and play are worth some scissor time. I can't wait to gift this activity book to Laurel!