Baby Violet

violet-flowers.JPGI can't believe it's been one week since Violet was born. She is such a love and Laurel is a wonderful big sister; we feel so grateful every day. And one thing is for sure; it's very easy for the days to slip away -- I feel fantastic and full of energy (compared to how depleted I felt after Laurel's C-section...I even made lasagna yesterday!) and I love snuggling with Violet during the day, and reconnecting as a family after Jon and Laurel get home from work/school. Anyway, a lot of people have been asking about photos. Here are two from when we were in the hospital. I know I'm biased, but isn't Violet the cuteness? She's plumping up nicely; I laughed out loud when I found out yesterday at the pediatrician that she gained 6 ounces in two days. Clearly, milk supply (and demand) is not a problem.
Also, aren't these flowers beautiful? The colors are so very appropriate for baby Violet; the arrangement came from my mom via Brattle Square Florists -- they always do such beautiful work!