Four Favorite Apps for Moms

cool-mom-tech-intuition.jpgWords cannot sufficiently express how much I adore Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase. These ladies are smart, funny, and have fantastic taste -- and they share all of their favorite picks via Cool Mom Picks and their newer site, Cool Mom Tech. For today's four favorites guest post, I asked Liz and Kristen to share their four favorite apps for moms. As a Blackberry user, I'm completely clueless in the apps department, but one of these days I'm hoping to join the app world. Meanwhile, all of you app savvy users can benefit from their research.

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From Liz and Kristen:

We are just thrilled that Christine's lovely family of three is now an even lovelier family of four. No matter how many kiddos you have, a little extra help to make life easier is always welcome. We depend on our iPhones to streamline as much as possible. Yes, they're not just for Angry Birds.

With the help of smart apps that are like having an extra hand or a few hundred more brain cells, we're able to save time and get more done. Maybe even drink an only once reheated cup of coffee. So grab your phones and take a look at four of our faves:

1. Intuition. This free, simple app allows you to track your calendars, appointments, and to-do lists all in one place. We especially like how you can add tasks based on location, which is great for when you've got multiple errands to run.

2. Moms Made Easy. Keep all your kids' vital info -- everything from social security numbers to medical information -- all together with this secure, password protected app. You can even have it send you reminders for birthdays, appointments, or you know, Real Housewives premieres. Ahem.

3. TeuxDeux. To-do lists never looked so good (and organized) with this app from design guru and swiss miss author Tina Roth Eisenberg. Nothing fancy here -- just add your tasks on the corresponding dates and cross them off when you're done. But it's about 400 times better than using the old envelope that's sitting on your desk.

4. Red Rover. This app may be the new standard in location-based apps for parenting. Sort of FourSquare for the playdate set, but it's less about checking in and more about spontaneous meetups when you find yourself at the library or the park with a few hours to kill. Plus it feeds you local activity ideas, restaurants with clean changing rooms, and it looks fantastic.

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If you aren't already reading Liz and Kristen, you won't regret starting now. You can find them at Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech (@coolmompicks and @coolmomtech on Twitter) and I also highly recommend that you follow their hilarious personal blogs at Mom-101 (@Mom101 on Twitter) and Motherhood Uncensored (@thatkristen on Twitter).