baby-buggy.jpgHello everyone! As you may have gathered from my absence here the last few days, the baby has arrived! It was not a fast journey -- I wish I was kidding in reporting that I endured 58 hours of labor (including excruciating lower back pain during contractions due to the baby's positioning), but I'm thrilled that my desire for a natural birth panned out and that the baby latched right on after delivery. Jon and I were so grateful to the wonderful midwife, doula, and hospital staff that helped us through the process and Laurel is thrilled to be a big sister...she said she doesn't want to leave her little sister's side for her whole life.
And thanks to everyone who weighed in online and offline, we had over 150 names to consider in our quest for a girl's name. What an amazing community this is! So without further ado, Jon, Laurel, and I joyfully announce the arrival of baby Violet. She is beautiful and healthy and already has the cutest chubby cheeks and haunches. What a gift.

Image credit: Posh Peacock