Involving Kids at Mealtime

momversation-ragu-1.jpgI was truly honored when Momversation invited me to become part of this amazing group of panelists, and one of the projects I'm working with them on involves fostering dialogue around family and food, a subject about which I'm super passionate. I'll be participating in a series of these food chats through the remainder of this year; the project is sponsored by Ragú® (who I was thrilled to learn makes organic products, btw), and my first video with the lovely Whitney Moss and Mindy Roberts focuses on tips around involving kids at mealtimes. I've embedded the video below (it's just under three and a half minutes) for your viewing pleasure -- enjoy!

Note: This video was produced in partnership with Ragú® and Momversation's Mom's the Word on Dinner Program. You can find out more about the program and join in on the conversation at the Ragú® Sauce Facebook page.

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