Two Little Monkeys

two-little-monkeys.jpgToday, Kate shares a great find for relocating your outgrown kid's clothing and gear:

If you're like me, you occasionally find yourself looking for good ways to pass along the clothes, toys, and gear that your kids have outgrown. Due to generous grandmothers, my daughter's dresser is often overflowing, and I search out ways to share the bounty. Two Little Monkeys, a new children's resale shop in the Union Square neighborhood of Somerville, is a great resource for anyone looking to either unload or pick up clothing, books, toys, and gear (including high-end strollers at terrific prices) for babies and children.
The owner of the store, a mother herself, offers either cash or store credit for items brought in, and purchases based on her existing inventory and the needs and tastes of her customers. All seasons are bought and sold, as are both genders and all sizes through 5T (the owner is looking to expand into larger sizes). The store is roomy and comfortable -- unlike some resale shops, which can feel musty and cramped -- and I noticed MacLaren strollers and a Stokke crib on a recent visit, as well as clothes and shoes in good condition and holiday and seasonal items. Whether you're buying or selling, definitely check out Two Little Monkeys.

Two Little Monkeys, 77 Bow Street, Somerville; 617-222-0043

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