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foot-massage.jpgToday, Lindsey shares a local self-care gem (that is making my feet twitch in happy anticipation):

I am a runner with ache-y Achilles tendons and a (probably related) on-and-off case of plantar fasciitis. I have wanted to try reflexology for a long time: partially I am drawn to the concept of spots on the feet correlating with imbalances in the body, but mostly I love having my feet rubbed.
The other morning I approached Barefoot Reflexology in Watertown with both anticipation and slight nervousness. Despite a cheerful purple sign, the storefront is shrouded with curtains and you can't see in. Taking a deep breath, I swung open the door and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Let's just say the insides don't really match the outsides.

Barefoot Reflexology is bright and clean, and the staff is friendly. Within two minutes of walking in I was seated in a dim room with dividers between clients. My technician (Mary) immersed my feet in warm water that had rose petals floating in it. The fact that the water was in a plastic-bag lined plastic bucket was slightly odd, but I told myself it was probably to keep everything sanitary and I quickly stopped thinking about it at all. During the foot soak, Mary massaged my shoulders, neck, and arms. I was already sliding into a happy state of vague oblivion.

Next, Mary dried my feet and indicated that I should sit back on the recliner. The chair was padded, covered in clean white towels, and about the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. For the next 45 minutes Mary massaged my feet, sometimes applying specific pressure to points on my feet but also just giving me an incredibly relaxing foot massage. She used unscented lotion and did not speak. The massage, the quiet music, the dim lighting, and the bed-like chair all combined so that within minutes I was drifting in and out of awareness.

The hour flew by. By the time Mary wrapped my feet in warm towels and patted my shoulder to tell me we were done, I was blissfully zoned out. I padded out of the treatment room, paid the exceptionally reasonable price ($35 for one hour), and floated home to my children, a far more relaxed and reasonable mom than I'd been before. I heartily recommend Barefoot Reflexology for anyone looking to relax and enjoy an hour focused entirely on you.

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