Fantastic Maternity Tights

sara-blakely-assets-maternity-tights.jpgI love wearing dresses, but clearly, going bare legged isn't the greatest option if getting from point A to B involves going outside in frigid winter weather. So I was thrilled to find -- in advance of heading to Alt Summit -- Sara Blakely's ASSETS maternity tights. Though slimming features weren't my concern, I was drawn to these tights given Blakely's Spanx reputation, and clearly, Blakely knows how to deliver the goods. The tights are affordable, supportive, true to size, and feature a remarkably comfortable pregnancy panel (I also bought a pair of cheapo back up tights and they were nowhere near as well made). At Alt, while I did go bare legged in a dress one evening (when getting from points A to B/C/D were all within the hotel), I wore the ASSETS tights another night out with a purple dress with cool metal accents and gray peep toe booties. I felt fantastic. And fantastically comfortable. Even after indulging in too many finger foods.