Little Books for Little Bookworms

mr-bump.jpgToday, Kate shares a nostalgic oldie but goodie:

My father took me to England when I was eight years old. I remember parts of the trip quite vividly, particularly my first taste of lemon squash (sour!) and my discovery of Roger Hargreaves' wonderful series of Mr. Men and Little Miss books.
The series either hadn't yet made it to the U.S. at the time of my visit or else simply hadn't made it to my local library, but I stocked up on the slim, square, identically-sized mini-volumes during that trip and have kept them until this day. My favorites included Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump, and Mr. Sneeze, but the happy fact is that all of the books are similar in style and narrative arc (limited and child-friendly). I recently introduced the books to my daughter, and found that she enjoys the colorful blocky drawings, dopey puns, and happy outcomes just as much as I did.

The series has continued to grow in the past decades, and has even branched into successful merchandising and a television show in the U.K. The books are silly but offer the wonderfully reassuring message to children that there could be an alternative reality in which things are strange but recognizable and everything works out well in the end. And, being English, all of the characters eat a lot of toast! Dive into the Mr. Men/Little Miss universe for a fun (and nostalgic!) reading experience.