Danish Pastry House Delights

danishpastryhouse.jpgI’m currently doing a 30-day shredding challenge with some online friends, so the last thing I need is a marvelously decadent place like The Danish Pastry House within reach. But I experienced their goodies for the first time last weekend (offsite), and immediately fell in love when I visited the café in person with Laurel this week.

Situated on Boston Avenue at the edge of the Tufts campus, The Danish Pastry House is sunny and welcoming, with an ample number of tables (decently spaced to accommodate strollers), as well as some bar (as in sandwich bar) seating. The pastry case is resplendent, filled with all sorts of beautiful, mysteriously filled marzipan confections (I must have asked them to identify at least a dozen items...they were remarkably patient) and traditional Danish pastries, plus an entire case dedicated to cakes, and one to chocolates.

I still need to go back and try their real food (their sandwich, salad, panini, and crepe menu looks lovely) but meanwhile, it’s tough to go wrong with their treats. The other day I sampled one of their truffles (classically yummy), and Laurel and I shared a confection constructed of a macaroon cookie base topped with a chubby chocolate dome shell filled with marshmallow crème (sinfully yummy).

But the real killer is their kringle (which I first tasted offsite last weekend). This is their signature Danish pastry and it is perfection - rich in base, flaky on top, and oozing with a buttery almond paste that probably is really, really bad for you. You must not leave this establishment without trying it.

As I said, none of this is good for my shredding, but that kringle is worth an extra shred session.

The Danish Pastry House, 330 Boston Ave, Medford; Tel: 781-396-8999