Bring On The Band


The transition phase between “Hmm, pregnant?” and “Whoa, definitely pregnant!” (and vice versa) can be challenging in many ways. If you’re looking for a seamless way to hang onto your sense of style (and your pants), check out Jules’s report on an item that will endure use before, during, and after pregnancy - the Bella Band:
“Now that I am four and a half months into my first pregnancy, I can begin to revel in the new bump that now is my stomach. Although my bump is beautiful and represents a new world of things to come, it also represents tight pants and ill-fitting clothes. My regular clothes are too small but most maternity clothes are much too big. Thankfully, for now, most everything else on my body is the same size, but my new waistline leaves me with no choice but to walk around the house with unbuttoned/unzipped pants; not exactly the look of beauty. What to do? Enter the Bella Band.

The Bella Band is a classy alternative to rubber bands or paper clips around the buttons of your pants. It is the first piece of maternity wear you need, and likely the last, too, as it will endure every stage of pregnancy, including trying to get back into post-pregnancy pants. The Bella Band is like a giant tube top worn over your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants, allowing you to wear them for a bit longer, unzipped and all. In addition to smoothly and seamlessly covering undone pants and skirts, it adds length to tops (or provides a hip, layered look) and allows you to get back into pre-pregnancy clothing sooner after giving birth. Available in different colors, this is one of the most versatile and useful pregnancy items on the racks.”

Want to win a 3-pack of Bella Bands? Email us by midnight EST tonight (with “Bella Band” in the subject) and name one of the Bella Band style collections. We'll draw one winner from the correct responders; the winner will choose their size (assorted styles will be sent). Worldwide entrants welcome!