Fun & Functional Bubbles


We recently contracted our first family cold of the season and in the miserable middle of it, Laurel and I found great fun and relief in California Baby’s Colds & Flu Bubble Bath. Like all products in California Baby’s impressive line, this bubble bath contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients (free of nut oils, gluten, soy, oat, dairy, or parabens) that are safe for babies, kids, and adults. California Baby also offers a number of products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin.
The herbal, biodegradable Colds & Flu bubble bath is scented with Douglas fir and eucalyptus that effectively cuts through congestion. Laurel and I spent our first moments in the tub (yes, I jumped right in to alleviate my symptoms, although I suppose I could have inhaled from the outside...) gratefully breathing in and out through our nose holes, and then she quickly forgot her cold and went crazy over the bubbles, both via the foam in the tub and with the included wand. She now wants bubbles at every bath and I plan on trying some of the other yummy aromatherapy scents. I’d just suggest pouring some of the mix into a small, handled plastic cup for your kid to hold during bubble blowing. Otherwise, you risk losing the whole 13 oz. bottle in the tub to giggly, slippery paws.

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