Put Your Blue Jeans On


Jeans are a wardrobe workhorse so you deserve ones that fit properly and make you feel fabulous. Today, Kate reports on a terrific North End boutique dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. (Also see our earlier leads on great inexpensive and mid-range denim options.)
“Everyone knows how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. The right fit. The right color. The right price. The right attitude. Jeans are a mainstay of every woman’s wardrobe – good for dressing up and dressing down, good for first dates and anniversary dinners – and the right pair can make you feel like you own the world. But shopping for jeans can be a trying experience, particularly if you’re unsure of exactly what looks good, and particularly in the post-pregnancy period. Fortunately, help has arrived. in-jean-ius, located in Boston’s North End, offers a selection of brands, styles, and sizes broad enough to fit most tastes, and prices that recognize jeans as both the staple and the splurge that they are. Most importantly, in-jean-ius is staffed by women who know jeans, and know what will look good and feel good on the women who wear them. Working in a pretty, low-pressure boutique, the staff will patiently suggest pair after pair until the right one (or two) is finally found. Put you blue jeans on, girl, and rule the world.”

in-jean-ius, 441 Hanover Street, Boston; Tel: 617-523-JEAN.

Editor’s Note: Talk about karma. We learned yesterday from our friends at getsugar about this sale: “Between now and the end of August (or until the sale jeans run out), when you spend $200 at in-jean-ius, you will receive a free pair of sale jeans. So get in early to make sure you get the best selection!”

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