Get Clean


Whether it’s due to planetary or personal health concerns, the introduction of a pure little newborn, or a combination of these factors, I’ve seen a lot of families and friends go green when it comes to food and household products. So on the latter, I’m thinking that the amazing Get Clean Starter Kit is going to be my new go-to housewarming, wedding, baby shower, or I-love-that-you-want-to-save-the-planet-too gift (didn’t I just write today about loving clutter-free, consumable gifts?).
The Get Clean Starter Kit includes everything you need to get your house spruced in an eco-minded, efficient, and economical manner. The household, dish, and laundry cleaners are formulated using natural, biodegradable ingredients free of chlorine, phosphates, and other planet- and family-unfriendly materials, and the packaging, wipes, and dryer sheets are recyclable. The cleaning system is particularly efficient and economical in that the liquid cleaning products are concentrated (you either only need to use a small amount or dilute certain products with water), and in that the products come in larger containers, the contents of which are poured into smaller, refillable dispensers. The system also comes with a cleaning caddy to help you organize and tote all of your cleaning gear easily around the house.

We’ve been using the Get Clean Starter Kit exclusively for the last couple of weeks and the system is, in fact, fabulous. The products are highly effective, have a nice, mild natural scent, and we are thrilled about the reduction in packaging waste. I have long dreamed about hiring someone to clean my house, but it’s amazing how the stylish orderliness of this system’s carrying caddy actually inspires me to go scrub the bathroom.