Fabulous Fortamajig


We love products that give parents great bang for their buck, and our latest favorite is the versatile Fortamajig, a new piece of play gear that can inspire countless hours of creative play in a variety of settings.

The Fortamajig basically is an 8’ x 8’ water resistant, machine washable ripstop nylon tarp, but with seams, openings, and Velcro loop attachments smartly crafted to make fort building a breeze (just attach the loops to chairs, doorknobs, trees, etc.). It’s available in a cheery selection of colors, either as a lightweight single color layer, or as a two color reversible model, and folds up compactly to fit inside a matching travel tote.
Laurel has been rocking the fuchsia/lime model (shown) for the last couple of weeks and it’s been a HUGE hit! Previous fort building attempts involved removing all of our couch cushions then attempting to build them into a structure; a frustrating operation given that the pillows couldn’t make a big enough structure and kept falling over (not to mention that the process turned our living room into a disaster zone). With the Fortamajig we can build forts without dismantling the couch (extra included Velcro extension loops make it possible to attach the fort corners around the feet of large furniture), or use it with four regular dining or patio chairs depending on whether we want to play inside or out. Laurel loves to build, play inside, and welcome us into the fort via the mesh window. After our first giddy day of using the Fortamajig, Laurel gave the product her ultimate praise, asking, “Can we play with the fort every day?” She’s pretty much kept to her word.

Available at the The Happy Kid Company or at Amazon.