Make an Impression


During my last trimester with Laurel, I often couldn't believe that my belly had ever been flat. And I have moments now when I see pregnant women and am amazed that I ever carried that giant, fantastic belly. It makes me wish that I had captured tangible, tactile evidence of my pregnant self.

If we go the baby road again, I plan on molding my form with the Belly Imprint Spa Treatment & Sculpting Kit by Belly Vita. A beautifully packaged go-to gift for expecting moms, this kit offers a multimodal means to indulge the senses, calm the mind, create an extraordinary keepsake, and connect with your partner before the chaos begins. The process takes about 30 minutes and involves massaging soothing oil onto the belly, prepping then wrapping the sculpting fabric on the belly and chest, and relaxing while the sculpting fabric sets. (Note: This is the perfect time to solicit a hand and foot rub.) Once dry, your belly mold can continue to evolve into a work of art with simple paint, pretty paper decoupage accents, and/or ribbon or other embellishments.