Fashion Swap


A new season is nearly upon us, a time made complicated by burning fashion desire + limited resources. A while back, my fabulous mama friend Paige hosted a terrific ladies’ event that perfectly suited said fashion desire + limited resources issue.

The event was a fashion swap, before which everyone weeded out their closets and laundered their fashionable, yet now tragically ill-fitting items. Wine and fondue accompanied the initial open browsing period; we then picked numbers out of a hat and, in order, went shopping. The only rules were that we only select one item per go around (so those later in the order had plenty to choose from), and that we tell the other ladies about our super cool find. It was a great way to relax with friends, refurbish wardrobes, and chat about the stories behind some of the clothes.

As it turned out, the event kept on giving. Even after everyone had shopped ‘til they dropped, there remained a pile of great clothing with lots of love and sass left in them. These items were donated to a local Goodwill.

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