Baby Bottom


Our babe recently picked up a nasty little yeast rash along with what appeared to be Coxsackie virus. She was generally in very good spirits, with not much in the way of fever and just a few tiny blisters on her feet and hands, but her bum was looking pretty bad. After a couple of days of diaper treatment, combing my baby manual and the web, and consulting with a couple mama friends, I finally decided it was time to check in with the doctor.

For the most part, time, fluids, and Tylenol are the best treatments for Coxsackie; but our pediatrician did recommend a great tip for the yeast rash. Typical application of antifungal creams is limited to twice a day, thus shortening the time window that the cream can work away at the yeast rash. Our doctor suggested making a 50/50 mix of antifungal cream and diaper cream, thus allowing the antifungal cream to continually treat the yeast rash while still creating a protective barrier via the diaper cream.