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10 Cute Halloween Printables

The internet is overflowing with Halloween adorableness right now and as someone who loves holidays but is short on bandwidth for from-scratch projects, I'm immensely grateful to the awesome and clever people who make it easy for busy parents to make the house festive in a matter of minutes. So, fire up your color printer, go visit these amazing creatives to download a free printable (or 10!), and get your home Halloween ready in a snap.

1. How cute (and tasty) is this Halloween bingo game?

2. Build in a little learning with this Halloween scavenger hunt.

3. There's still plenty of time to countdown to Halloween.

4. Inspire spooky play with these Halloween shadow puppets.

5. Everyone will love these adorable (and yummy) mummy bars. (These remind me of the DIY mummy minion door!)

6. Even fingers need costumes.

7. Be the ghost and BOO! your neighbors.

8. Enjoy instant costumed cuteness thanks to these mask printables.

9. You'll be sure to have the most charming treats on the block with these treat bags.

10. Inspire a few lunch time laughs with these Halloween lunch box jokes.

Image credits: all images per linked sites above

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