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Edit Your Life Episode 33: Family Travel Hacks
Family travel can be really wonderful, but the logistics can be a total drag and the planning and packing overwhelming, especially when you have little kids. But family travel also can be awesome -- both for relaxation and experiential learning -- and to celebrate the release of Asha’s new book, Parent Hacks (yay!), Asha and I share 8 of our favorite family travel hacks -- spanning packing, gear, lodging, food, and schedules -- perfect for April vacation planning or as you start thinking about summer plans.
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Lifestyle Solutions Video: Yoga Gloves/Socks For Travel
So this is kind of fun...this week's video is my first (unexpected!) off-site video. I recorded it after feeling the glorious (much needed) effects of a little lifestyle solution I happened to bring with me on a trip to New York. I sound a little froggy, but hey, REAL LIFE! Also, the YogaAddict socks/gloves I use aren't available right now on Amazon but this Gaiam set is comparable in styling, reasonably priced (less than $20), and the reviews look favorable. Enjoy!
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Friday Find: Yoga[Addict] Socks + Gloves
I love yoga, but my need for yoga increases considerably when I’m traveling and/or training for a long race. When I was in Chicago last month, my friend Nicole introduced me to the concept of yoga gloves and I recently bought this Yoga[Addict] glove + sock set. And this week when I was in Seattle, the yoga gloves/socks were a lifesaver given that my back and neck were a wreck from my flight and my legs were tight from a 12-mile training run.
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