Friday Find: Yoga[Addict] Socks + Gloves

I love yoga, but my need for yoga increases considerably when I’m traveling and/or training for a long race. When I was in Chicago last month, my friend Nicole introduced me to the concept of yoga gloves and I recently bought this Yoga[Addict] glove + sock set. And this week when I was in Seattle, the yoga gloves/socks were a lifesaver given that my back and neck were a wreck from my flight and my legs were tight from a 12-mile training run.

Yes, I feel slightly goofy wearing them, but they’re perfect for travel! Obviously, the gloves/socks take up very little space in luggage, and they work great (no slipping!). I was so grateful to be able to do a couple of yoga sessions during my trip to help work out my kinks!

Image credits: Amazon