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Lifestyle Solutions Video: A Simple Tactic To Deal With Extracurricular Choices
So the topic of extracurriculars has been on my mind, especially with spring activities starting to ramp up. And it reminded me that I wanted to share a simple tactic to deal with extracurricular choices. This took me a while to learn and the payoff has been extraordinary so I wanted to serve it up directly to you so you can go forth and benefit! Click the player below to learn how to let go of extracurricular craziness while teaching your kids a life skill.
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Edit Your Life Episode 30: Parenting Passionate Kids
One side of extracurriculars is resisting the pressure to sign kids up for ALL THE THINGS. The other side is how to parent kids who are passionate to the point of all consuming. Episode 30 of Edit Your Life is the second part of a series on extracurriculars (Episode 29 covered editing extracurricular pressure) in which Asha and I discuss the joys and challenges of parenting passionate kids and share 9 tips for both supporting and reigning in passion.
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Edit Your Life Episode 29: Editing Extracurricular Pressure
Extracurriculars are a tricky thing; they can be awesome for your kids but also totally overwhelming to the family system, especially if signing up comes from a place of comparison, statistically unsound professional dreams, or your own childhood baggage. Episode 29 of Edit Your Life is the first in a two-part series on extracurriculars. In this episode, Asha and I discuss the etiology of extracurricular pressure and share 9 tips for editing out the pressure and following the genuine interests of your kids.
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