10 Places To Thrift Halloween Costumes in Boston & Beyond

Some of my kids’ costume requests over the years? Porcupine, robot dog, cupcake, bicycle, Mad Eye Moody, Fawkes the Phoenix, and an egg. Yes, an egg. Over easy. So what’s a mom to do when kids are awesomely creative but she’d rather not spend tons of money nor stay up all night crafting?

We’ve had lots of luck gathering costume components from our town’s free list on Facebook. I also love the idea that Christine shares in Edit Your Life Episode 54: De-Stress Your Halloween of doing informal costume swaps with friends. But there’s no doubt that thrift stores have always been our family’s main Halloween costume BFF. Whether you’re looking for a complete character costume at a good price or piecing together something more unusual, we think the following list of 10 places to thrift Halloween costumes in Boston and beyond will deliver what you need.

Meanwhile, if crafting is your jam, you should also take a peek at Christine’s Adorable No-Sew Halloween Costumes roundup for super simple ideas (and if you want to shop local for your supplies, we love Play Time in Arlington). As the holiday approaches, you may also want to check out these Cute Halloween Printables and tackle any and all candy struggles in your family with these 50 Halloween Candy Alternatives and this post about How to Handle Halloween Candy.

1. Buzzy’s Bazaar (Arlington)

Buzzy’s Bazaar offers an eclectic assortment of many intriguing finds and lots of vintage clothing.

2. Little Fox Shop (Arlington)

Lots of kids’ costumes are available at Little Fox Shop and all proceeds benefit the town children’s library.

3. Restoration Project Second Hand Treasures (Belmont)

At Restoration Project Second Hand Treasures you’ll find costumes, clothing, jewelry, and more for all ages in a setting that employs adolescents and adults with mental illnesses and brain injuries and raises money for their support and recovery.

4. Urban Renewals (Brighton)

Urban Renewals is a huge, but friendly, neighborhood thrift store with many great offerings.

5. Boomerangs (Boston, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain)

Boomerangs offers lots of unique and vintage pieces with sales that directly support AIDS Action Committee’s work to prevent new HIV infections and improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts.

6. The Garment District & Boston Costume (Cambridge)

The Garment District & Boston Costume is open until midnight during the month of October with used and vintage finds sold by the pound plus hundreds of costumes to peruse.

7. Global Thrift (Waltham)

Global Thrift is a local favorite with lots of great possibilities whether you’re pulling something together or looking for a ready-made costume.

8. Sister Thrift (Watertown, Framingham)

Sister Thrift offers an impressive choice of great clothing in addition to many Halloween costumes.

9. Goodwill (Various Locations, especially Somerville)

Goodwill’s Somerville location usually has a large, dedicated Halloween costume section as well as tables filled with spooky and seasonal décor.

10. Savers (Various Locations, especially West Roxbury)

Savers offers tons of Halloween costumes and decorations available every year.

Where to thrift Halloween costumes in Boston & beyond!

Where to thrift Halloween costumes in Boston & beyond!