Why September Isn't Actually The Worst

I recently saw a parenting headline called something like September Is The Worst. I didn’t click over because I was pretty confident in my assumptions about the tenor of that post, and quite frankly, I just didn’t feel like adding negativity to my own September stress.

Because hey, I totally get it. September can, in fact, be crappy -- I’ve definitely been feeling pretty depleted lately. I’m sure you are too. But the one thing I’ve kept repeating through the crazy moments is that in the big picture, things are actually OK -- abundant, in fact. And given that it’s World Gratitude Day today, I wanted to focus on the light and share why September isn’t actually the worst.

My mom is 80

OK, so this is technically something that happened in late August, but my Mom turned 80 a few weeks ago and it was awesome to celebrate her and I feel so grateful that she is living a long and wonderful life. I hope I am as awesome and spry and vibrant as she is when I’m 80. 

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I got to see my niece become a Bat Mitzvah

A couple of weekends ago I got to see my niece Alyssa become a Bat Mitzvah (I always thought people had a Bat Mitzvah but I learned something new that day) and it was simply mind blowing. Not only did I get to road trip with my awesome sister Sharon, but I felt as if I learned so much about my niece through that event -- she is such a gem. And after exclusively seeing Alyssa at family gatherings, it was simply wonderful to see her mobbed by friend love.

My running mojo is back

Summer humidity and I are not friends. I know this. But with the temperatures coming back down a bit, I’m back and training for a half marathon. I mean I still love rest days like you wouldn’t believe, but it feels good to be back, chasing a carrot. 

Back to school has been crazy but has delivered gifts too

Back to school has been crazy but man, there have been some wonderful things that have transpired. Violet’s transition into kindergarten has been SO EASY. The novelty of that has not worn off! And while Laurel has been dealing with challenging social drama, said drama has also helped her find and use her voice. Also, it’s so great to have both kids on the same school schedule for the first time ever, and though we’re still figuring out our daily routine, so far that routine involves walking to school with Violet every day and it has been AWESOME. 

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Degrees of freedom FTW

I ended up taking a play out of my own playbook and backed out of work travel for this week and boy did I need it. Calendar degrees of freedom are so very necessary and I love being reminded of the power of degrees of freedom.

Work is basically pretty great

My work palette continues to be varied and full. It’s great to be back to creating videos. I’m working on some really cool projects via Women Online. I have some great new editorial projects lined up for this blog. I love podcasting. I have some new ideas in the works. I’m so grateful for all of these things.

I have a new Creative Assistant

Transitions are always tough and in August I needed to make some adjustments and find a new creative assistant. My new assistant Lauren is WONDERFUL and I’m so, so excited to have her on board!

Fall baking is back

Because lemon poundcake with lemon icing. 

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Talk to me about what you’re grateful for this month. I’m sure that September is also not the worst for other people too!