Back To School With The South Shore Plaza

Hello friends, I’ve been working on a really fun project with the South Shore Plaza and wanted to encourage you to follow along! I’m in the middle of an Instagram channel takeover and have been sharing lots of fun picks for back to school, in conjunction with Simon Malls encouraging shoppers to find their style while also thinking about epic 80s and 90s throwback school fashion moments (of which I'm sure you have lots!). I’ll continue the takeover through Thursday but here are some of my favorite grams so far. Hit the follow button in the right top corner of any of the images below to follow the South Shore Plaza on Instagram and see the rest of my takeover grams this week!

These throwback Caboodles carriers are perfect for storing school supplies, hair accessories, or (in Violet's case) stealth supplies of Goldfish crackers.

The Macy’s at SSP has a great collection of activewear for kids. I was loving all the girl power tops!

I can’t even with these crazy soft, stylish dresses from abercrombie kids!

You can still look stylish when you haven’t showered. Ahem. The women’s activewear section at the SSP Macy’s is INSANE. I want this ombre top in every color option!

It’s easy to get everyone out the door quickly when dresses are in the equation!

There are lots more images since last Thursday's kick off so hop on over and check out the feed