10th Birthday Giveaway: Fandango!

The girls and I love movies, but there are two things about the movie-going experience that have dampened my enthusiasm in the past. First, I experience palpable anxiety over hauling the kids out the door early enough to get in line for a popular new movie with the prospect that it may be sold out once we get to the front of the line. Second, I fret over whether I’ll be able to get seats together once in the theatre.

Clearly, I have issues.

But the good news is that if you share my issues related to movie-going with kids (or just prefer convenience in general), there’s Fandango. I’ve known about Fandango for a while but I met some of their team back at Mom 2.0 Summit in the spring and they were delightful. And meeting them inspired me to use their site to go to the movies when I got home. I took Laurel and Violet to Alice Through The Looking Glass, and not long after saw Me Before You (OMG THE TEARS) with my girlfriend Christina. I’m now plotting how quickly I can get to the new Jason Bourne movie after it comes out!

I will say plainly that the convenience of Fandango blew my mind -- the big piece being that I could buy tickets and reserve seats online so that both of my aforementioned movie-going anxiety issues were, well, a non-issue! Relatedly awesome, if you join the free Fandango VIP program, among the various perks is the ability to refund or exchange tickets all the way up until posted show time -- perfect for those unfortunate days when one of your kids gets sick right as you’re about to head out the door (#beenthere). Other cool features of note: at their Family Hub you can search for movies by age, read parent-approved movie reviews, and download crafts/activities, and at Mom’s Movie Minute you can watch quick review clips to determine whether you and your kids will enjoy a particular movie. HOORAY for excellent use of the Internet!

Now, how cool this this? In honor of the Boston Mamas 10th Birthday Celebration, Fandango is gifting one lucky winner with a $250 Fandango gift card! WOO HOO! To enter to win, opt in to any or all of the four entry options in the Rafflecopter widget below. Please note that winners for this giveaway series must reside in the United States and when you enter to win, you will receive periodic (totally cool, not spammy!) updates from Boston Mamas + our giveaway partners. Good luck!