Friday Find: The Brilliant New Parent Hacks Book

My relationship with Asha Dornfest began online 10 years ago when I discovered Parent Hacks not long after starting Boston Mamas. I was an immediate fan of Asha's work and I reached out to tell her so. I was shocked when she wrote me back, and following that first e-mail developed an incredible friendship that migrated from online to in person and later blossomed into one of the most incredible working relationships of my life, through our co-authoring of Minimalist Parenting and co-hosting of the Edit Your Life Show.

Few people I know work with Asha's intention and heart and earnest focus. So when her Parent Hacks book deal came through, I was so thrilled. I knew Asha was going to pour her heart and soul into the project and she did; in fact, you can learn more about the Parent Hacks book process here.

And the result -- Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts For Life With Kids -- is, in fact, brilliant. This compact book is perfect for parents who need lightning fast inspiration. The large copy is perfect for bleary-eyed parents (ha!) and the illustrations by Craighton Berman are awesome. I also love that interspersed between the (truly genius) shortcuts are longer sidebars on topics such as 10 Baby Gear Items You Don't Need, 9 Nonessential Items You'll Be Glad You Packed in Your Hospital Bag, 5 Alternatives To a Traditional Baby Book, 8 Answers to the Question "How Can I Help?," 7 Pretend Games You Can Play Lying Down, and 8 Ideas For Grownup Time That Don't Require a Babysitter. So. brilliant. I am totally using the 7 Pretend Games You Can Play Lying Down tips this weekend.

This book is a perfect gift for yourself or any other parent. I was so excited when I got my grubby little paws on a copy that I busted out Flat Asha. Yay, Flat Asha!

The official publication date for the Parent Hacks book is April 5 but you can pre-order on Amazon now and if you do so by March 31 you'll receive a fun gift. Here are the details and also be sure to check out Asha's tour schedule to see if she's visiting a city near you. You can catch her in Washington, DC tonight! SO EXCITING!

So get on it, friends. You will love this book! And Asha, I am so, so proud of you and not the least surprised by the brilliance and helpfulness that shines through this book!