Holiday Takeover With The South Shore Plaza

Hello friends, I’m working on a really fun project with the South Shore Plaza and wanted to encourage you to follow along! I’m in the middle of an Instagram channel takeover through which I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to Give Love, Give Sparkle, Give Warmth, and Give Fun this holiday season. I’ll continue the takeover through Sunday but here are some fun grams so far. Hit the follow button in the right top corner of any of the images below to follow the South Shore Plaza on Instagram and see the rest of my takeover grams this week!

I love that SSP is supporting Cradles to Crayons for a gift drive. Be sure to stop by the tree before 12/18!

The home/gift department at Nordstrom = INSANITY. So many beautiful sparkly and snuggly things.

Coach’s prehistoric collection is so cute -- you can get critters in leather or jewelry form!

Giant pom pom for the win! I’m uncertain of how Laurel will feel about the fact that I bought us matching hats. BWA HA HA.

Wow, there are so many great options for smart toys at Marbles. I took care of lots of niece, nephew, and friend's kids gifts here!