How To Ice Simple + Pretty Unicorn Cookies

So the internet knows that I have a bit of a thing about unicorns. And this past holiday season I finally decided to try making unicorn cookies, with the goal of trying to make them look awesome, but without the crazy amount of effort that I’ve seen in some YouTube tutorials (admirable and gorgeous, but O.M.G.). The result was pretty fantastic and a lot of people asked me if I’d share a tutorial. It's taken me a while to get around to it but here goes. The how-to is in the video below and the resource list + some notes are below the video. Enjoy!

Resource List


  1. Make these cookies a day before you need to serve them because the icing needs a day to harden.
  2. One bummer about the sparkle gel is that it does not harden all the way as the icing does. So, stacking the cookies can be problematic. I was able to stagger the cookies to avoid them getting stuck together, but next go around I might be less lazy and go with regular black icing for the eye and try gold food coloring for the mane/tail.