Announcement: Lifestyle Solutions Video Series!

As I mentioned last week in my ten 2016 intentions post, I’ve been wanting to start a video series for a long time. But I’ve totally been scared by it, which is kind of weird because I tend to be pretty fearless when it comes to trying new media things. I suspect that fear has been a combination of worrying about being perfect, looking ugly, attracting trolls, or -- worst of all -- making crappy content. But I’ve realized I can't let fear get in the way of creativity. I have to try!

So the deal is this: I want to help people solve problems and make their lives easier. I will share simple lifestyle solutions via short, snappy videos. It will probably sometimes be imperfect. I will probably sometimes look ugly or messy (like, uh, in the first video launching tomorrow where I’m sweaty and shivering after a 5-mile run!). I will probably attract trolls. But I'm devoted to creating useful content in the lifestyle editing space, whether that’s related to health, food, style, productivity, parenting, or something else. My plan is to share at least one video per week.

Here’s the introduction to my channel!

I would be so thrilled if you’d go to my channel and hit the red “Subscribe” button. And I’d love to hear from you -- whether you have a fantastic simple solution you want me to feature or have a question for me.

Also, I need to issue thanks to the following friends who have been so supportive and encouraging in getting me off my rump to do this: Audrey McClelland has been urging me for YEARS (literally, years!) to make videos, Roxanna Sarmiento and Casey Brown recently brainstormed with me locally over Brussels sprouts, Nicole Feliciano was so generous and thoughtful sharing wisdom while we were in Seattle together for Office Champs, Jessica Ashley is the most brilliant editorial goddess I have ever encountered, Paige Lewin is just as patient when I’m ruminating as when I’m throwing her ideas about what I think she should do, and Asha Dornfest is always the person who has said “How can I help you?” at every turn.

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