Welcome, Laura!

Not long after posting my Creative Assistant job alert, I found myself incredibly moved by the response on social media, and by the volume of applicants, their qualifications, and the manner in which they shared their personal/professional goals and dreams with me. After combing through the applications (several times!) and chatting on the phone with the wonderful women who made the short list, I'm really thrilled to introduce you to Laura today.

You can read about Laura here, but in a nutshell, she has the life experience of raising three children and running her own company with passion and precision, and she has mad multimedia skills that will be critical as I experiment with a few things moving forward. She also has proven herself so well as she took over the reigns from Kris-Ann (and had to cope with piles of e-mails from me!) the last couple of weeks. I'm thrilled to welcome Laura to the team!

I'll also be welcoming a couple of new contributing writers soon. Yay!

Thank you again to everyone who applied and shared. And I would be remiss if I didn't issue huge thanks to my former editorial assistant Kris-Ann, who helped me enormously over the last two years. The first half of this year was hard for a number of personal reasons and Kris-Ann was pivotal in helping me keep the Boston Mamas ship on course. Thank you, Kris-Ann!