Will You Join Me and #RefreshYourFunny This Month?

I’m definitely a fan of digital humor (hello, reaction gifs and Hey Girl memes!) and I suspect right about now you’re all seeing "Buy mom a bottle, you're the reason she drinks" type Mother's Day memes. As I mentioned in last month's Responsibility.org post, I get super squirrely about these memes, especially now that it’s not uncommon for Laurel to look over my shoulder while I’m on a device, and since several of her friends follow me on social media.

This month, will you join me and #RefreshYourFunny? Basically, all you need to do is be a bit more mindful about your humor and think before you post. Specifically, forego the alcohol memes. I totally believe you can be awesomely funny without using alcohol as a punch line!

Here’s a video that I hope will inspire you to #RefreshYourFunny this month.

And meanwhile, feel free to borrow any of these Mother’s Day memes...

Well, so, yeah. My mom and I have this unspoken agreement about my role as tech support.

OK, getting closer by texting? This is totally true! Related, my mom is killer on the emoji train.

This chauffeur meme is reminding me that I can't remember where the violin I played for 20 years is. #doh

This has happened to me one or 10 times on Facebook. HA!

Image credits: all e-cards via linked sources above.

Disclosure: This post was inpsired by my work as part of Responsibility.org's #TalkEarly program. All thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own.