Friday Find: Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks

I will be plain and say that I love lipstick. I wear it almost every day given that I'm not one of those people with naturally pink lips and otherwise look totally washed out without lip color. So when Clarins contacted me about their new Joli Rouge collection -- notable for being moisture-rich and long-lasting -- I was like YES, I want to know more! Clarins kindly sent me a few shades to test out (the collection includes 16) and I fell in love with all three picks.

The consistency of these lipsticks is, in fact, creamy and moisture-rich. And the colors are AMAZING; I've received compliments on each and every one! One thing to keep in mind if this is the case for you: The skin around my lips has a tendency to feather (lipstick bleeds outside the lip line) so I line my lips with this clear Maybelline lip liner and then top with the Clarins. In preparation for this post, yesterday I made sure to note the time and the first shade below was still going strong after 6 hours, including running around for work events and having coffee and lunch! Come to think of it, I still had plenty of lip color intact by the end of the day when I was doing my evening skincare routine. So yes, it's long lasting! 

Now, on to my specific color recommendations:

1. #737 Spicy Cinnamon. This color is my go-to shade for everyday. It's a perfect color to give you definition while not being too crazy. I snapped this photo yesterday while ogling this crazy awesome furry vest and skull sweater at The Cashmere Sale in Wellesley (it's a pop up store open until December 13 so hop on over!).

2. #701 Orange Fizz. Despite my love of bold lip color, I'll admit, I was a little hesitant about trying orange. But wow, what a great color! It's bold and playful and a lot of people loved when I paired it with stripes and this gold elephant scarf (one of my picks on this gold gifts roundup!).

3. #742 Joli Rouge. I love red lipstick with all my heart. I wear it so frequently for work that people are kind of surprised when I show up at work events without it! This red (also named joli rouge, like the collection) is such a pretty shade -- good for day or evening. 

Image credits: thumbnail via Clarins; selfies via Christine Koh

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