Awesome Boston-Area Consignment Shops

There is a direct correlation between change in season and my obsession with decluttering, and this summer I tried consignment for the first time -- as a seller, not just a buyer. And man, how awesome was it to clean out my closet and rack up cash? I'm gearing up for another consignment drop soon; come join me! Here are 11 Boston-area consignment shops to consider. Be sure to check each site for further instructions and/or restrictions!

1. Poor Little Rich Girl. Located in Cambridge, Poor Little Rich Girl consigns women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories, with an eye towards well known labels (e.g., J. Crew) and quirkier vintage finds. Appointments are required. Once your account hits $50 or more, you’ll receive 50% of the merchandise selling price, payable within 45 days of sale. Balances under $50 can be used in store with a 20% discount.

2. Second Time Around. With 11 Massachusetts locations, Second Time Around is well established as a high-end consignment shop. Concentrating on women’s clothing, shoes, purses and accessories, this is the perfect place to scope out a pair of Christian Louboutins, a classic DVF wrap dress, or a new to you Gucci bag. To consign, call for an appointment, drop in during business hours, or use their handy online consignment system. Consigners receive 40% of the final selling price (50% for certain premium handbags), which you can choose to receive by check or via store credit, which can be used for a 10% discount.

3. Pink Dolly. Pink Dolly, located in Arlington (and featured as one of our Local Gems) is the only shop on our list to offer maternity and children’s clothing. Pink Dolly accepts in-style, in-season women’s sizes 2-16+ and children’s sizes 0-14, as well as purses, jewelry, and accessories. Appointments are required. Consignors receive 40% of selling price for women’s and maternity items, and 50% of selling price on children’s items, and payment is remitted via check or store credit (which allows you a 15% discount on purchases).

4. Buffalo Exchange. This eclectic store (locally in Allston and Somerville) is a mix between consignment shop and thrift store. If they accept your items, you get cash or can make a trade on the spot, no waiting. No appointment is necessary for drop off. Simply call the store to see what they are currently accepting and stop by during regular business hours. Payment depends on brand and condition of items.

5. Closet Connection. This South Boston upscale women’s consignment shop specializes in name-brand clothing and accessories. Make an appointment or drop off items for review. Anything dropped off that is deemed unsellable will be donated. If items are sold within 90 days, sellers receive 45% of final price.

6. Ensemble Boston. Located on Salem Street in Boston, Ensemble Boston features women’s clothing (vintage and high-end new styles), as well as shoes, handbags, jewelry, and home accessories. Appointments are required and if items are sold within 75 days, sellers receive 45% of selling price via check. Any unsold items will be donated after 75 days.

7. Found. Located on Elm Street in Somerville, Found features men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories. Items are received by appointment only and you must have 4 pieces to start an account. Sellers receive 40% of selling price. You can also shop inventory online.

8. Raspberry Beret. Raspberry Beret's three locations cater to different audiences: the Cambridge location features eclectic pieces, the Reading store offers high-end, elegant clothing, and the Wakefield location specializes in everyday brands such as Gap and North Face. Make an appointment to drop off no more than 25 items; consigners receive 40% of the sale price. There is one catch. Unlike the other stores that generate payment automatically each month, at Raspberry Beret, the consignor must initiate the payment process by requesting, then picking up, a check. Consignors may use the money they earn as store credit at any time and will get a 15% discount when they do.

9. Porch and Wardrobe. Kill two birds with one stone at this Arlington destination. On the Porch side, you’ll find new goods for the home bath and garden. On the Wardrobe side, you’ll find better quality women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Suits typically don’t sell well here so you’re better off sticking with basics from Ann Taylor, J Jill, or Coach. To consign, make an appointment; consigners receive 40% of selling price or 50% if used as store credit.

10. Revolve. Revolve is an upscale women’s consignment boutique specializing in contemporary fashion (within the past 2 years) with locations in Belmont, Lexington, and Winchester. They do not accept or sell vintage, career, or formal wear. There’s no need to make an appointment to consign; simply stop in and drop off items or meet with a buyer on the spot. Consigners receive 40% of selling price (50% for luxury items). The Cushing Square (Belmont) location offers cash on the spot on Saturdays only.

11. Covet. The South End’s newest consignment shop channels it’s inner Carrie Bradshaw and follows her motto of “I like my money where I can see it, in my closet.” Specializing in women's clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes, Covet carries brands like Stella McCartney, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. For first time consignors, appointments are necessary but once you’re in the system, a drop and go option is available. Consignors are paid 40% of the selling price (60% for luxury bags) or you can consign and shop and receive 50% of your selling price in store credit.

Image credit: Christine Koh