5 Bad Hair Day Fixes

When I find myself in the desperately-need-a-haircut phase (also known as RIGHT NOW), I'm especially prone to bad hair days. It's particularly bad when I've hacked at my bangs a couple of times. I recently asked a few of my beauty blogger friends what they recommend for quick bad hair day fixes. Here are 5 solutions that I will be implementing while I bide my time to my scheduled haircut.

1. Be intentionally disheveled. Jessica at The Mom Creative recommends: “I love using a little styling wax by Bed Head. It makes disheveled look fabulous.”

2. Put a headband on it. Audrey of Mom Generations is a mom of 5 and always looks amazing with her pony + headband combo, whether fancied up for an event or poolside cheering her boys on at swim meets. I asked Audrey where she gets her headbands. She said, “I live for Sparkly Soul headbands. They’re the only ones you really see me ever wear.”

3. Rock a bun. Nadia of Child Mode and Christine of From Dates to Diapers are both fans of a quick bun. Nadia says, “I like to throw my hair in a bun and wrap a colourful scarf around my head. Also a big fan of mini hairbands to keep the flyaways at bay.” (I'm ordering #9 on this list for an easy top knot or low bun.)

4. Top it off. Andrea of Savvy Sassy Moms says, “It’s all about a fedora.” She recommends this Michael Stars Pop Band Fedora.

5. Detox your hair. Danielle of Extraordinary Mommy shares, “I LOVE/ALWAYS USE/LIVE FOR DryBar's Detox Dry Shampoo - my hair usually looks BETTER after I use it - even for 1-2 days after.”

Hooray for quick bad hair day fixes! If you have others to share, feel free to do so in the comments below.

Image credits: product images via links above; compilation graphic by Christine Koh