Eat Seasonal: Peach Recipes

Hooray for seasonal peaches! Like strawberries and blueberries, peaches are wonderfully sweeter and more affordable right now...I love when they become abundant at the market! Peaches are in season in Massachusetts mid-July to mid-September and this week's Eat Seasonal feature includes 12 recipes that will allow you to incorporate this tasty stone fruit all the way from breakfast to dinner to condiments.

1. Start your day right with this peach blueberry oatmeal smoothie.

2. The flavors of summer shine in this kale salad with peaches, corn and basil-honey vinaigrette.

3. Amazing peach salad with tomatoes and beets.

4. Peaches are a sweet surprise in this healthy quinoa with vegetables.

5. Jazz up your next barbecue with these sriracha glazed chicken skewers with peaches.

6. Quick and easy grilled peaches are a perfect sweet side dish.

7. See you tomatoes, there’s a new peach ketchup in town.

8. Store your bounty with this easy peach freezer jam.

9. Take comfort in this peach and raspberry cobbler.

10. Oh how refreshing these vanilla peach pops would be!

11. Sweet and fruity ginger-peach pound cake with caramelized peaches.

12. A gorgeous gluten-free peach plum raspberry tart.

Image credits: peaches via; all others via linked sites above